Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 great uses for Vaseline!

So we all have that go to product that we will use for EVERYTHING! Well mine is Vaseline and always has been. I remember as a kid whenever I had a cut, burn, etc. my mother always grabbed the Vaseline to put on it. The use of Vaseline has stuck with me as I became an adult and then a mother.

The top 10 ways I use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly...

  1. I have used it above my son's eyebrows so that the suds didn't get into his eyes. It directed the suds down his cheeks instead.
  2. If you put Vaseline on the threads of a light bulb it will be easier to take out. I had a light bulb get stuck in the socket and from that point forward I always put Vaseline on EVERY light bulb before inserting it into the socket.
  3. To remove gum or anything else that could get stuck in your hair. I had gum stuck in my very long hair and after using peanut butter and shampoo/conditioner, I grabbed the Vaseline and sure enough it worked! It came right out without having to go and have my haircut!
  4. Removing minor scratches from your wood furniture. This one I actually got from my grandmother :) She was at my first apartment years ago and I had some minor scratches on a wood coffee table. I asked if she could think of a way that I could fix this and sure enough she asked if I had any Vaseline! Of course I did so she had me put a blob of it on the scratches and leave it for a couple of hours. I then went back, removed it all and then polished it with Pledge and it was amazing how you couldn't even tell they were ever there!
  5. Protecting your skin from hair color. I learned this trick in beauty school. If you put Vaseline around your hairline before coloring your hair you avoid the unsightly look of dye on your face afterwards.
  6. Protecting your car battery terminals. If you apply a thin amount to the battery terminals it will prevent them from corrosion. I learned this one from my mechanic.
  7. Stop squeaky hinges. Let's face it not everyone has WD40 laying around but most have Vaseline in their cabinet somewhere. I love to use Vaseline to stop that annoying squeaking sound from doors, drawers, wheels (on my son's toys).
  8. Preventing your nail polish cap from getting stuck. I learned this from my aunt when I was younger and she was painting my nails. Before she put the cap back on the bottle she applied a little bit of Vaseline to stop in from getting stuck. I have been doing it ever since!
  9. Helping your nails. I learned this one in beauty school as well. I have always had brittle and soft nails and when we were learning about nails my teacher told me to apply Vaseline to my nails before bed every night. Sure enough within a couple of weeks my nails we long, strong and healthy! I still do to this day.
  10. Lips. I use it on my lips for two different purposes. First I use it as a chap stick, about this time every year my lips start to get really dry so I apply some Vaseline daily and they are healthy again in days. Second I apply a thin amount before any lipstick or gloss which helps it last all day!
I could go on and on about different uses of Vaseline but the above are my ten favorite. I would love to hear about your favorite uses as well. Feel free to share them. I guess my grandmother and mother wore off on me and their love of Vaseline but with all of the different uses how couldn't you love it?.

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