Monday, October 11, 2010

UGH! Not looking forward to this....

So as some of you know I have Idiopathic GP and I am on a feeding tube :( Well about a month ago I noticed what I could only describe as a "hernia" looking growth at my tube site! I noticed that I was having more pain than usual at the site and then it started occasionally bleeding! I have been through a lot medically in my life so it didn't concern me too much but I called the surgeon just to be safe.

I am glad I did! It isn't a hernia but some other H word I couldn't spell if I tried ;) But I was assured that it is common with tubes and that I could come into the office and have it burned and/or cut off!!!! That's where I will be heading this Wednesday morning! I am not looking forward to it not only because of having it removed but after everytime they check it or do anything to it I am in pain for days!!!!

So to all the doctors and researchers out there PLEASE find something to treat GP better soon! And if I'm not asking for too much a CURE!!!!!

Wishing Good Belly Days to all my fellow GP'rs out there!


  1. Good Luck on Wednesday!!! Hopefully, you'll find some over due relief! I'm with you on the search for better treatments and a cure!! <3

  2. I'm here from FMBT, and following :) hope to have you visit my blog

  3. I hope things go well for you.
    I'm a new follower! Will you follow me?


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