Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update about the dreaded Doctor appt this week....

As for the doctors, I am going to get a third opinion at the request of my original Gastro doc. This doctor is at Jefferson and specializes in my GP. My lawyer would like me to do this as well so we have more info for the hearing.
Then there is the issue I have been having with my Jtube...about a month back I was alot more pain at the tube site than usual. I checked it out and noticed what appeared to me as a growth at the site. It was bleeding and hurt like hell. So I called my NP and she said it was pretty regular and that it was called hyper-granulated tissue so to come in and have it burned off. So I made the appt and went this past Wed. After waiting in the room for an hour because they were told I wasn't coming in! She came in to look at it and decide the course of action. Of course because it is just my luck and because I had to drive the half an hour to Temple and then wait for almost an hour an half to be seen it wasn't out when I got there!!! Luckily I had taken a pic to send to Brit/Steph for an opinion the night I found it. So I showed her the pic and she now doesn't think it was the hyper-granulated tissue! So after all of this I was sent home an told to come back as soon as it came out of the track again! UGH! So now I not only have some weird growth that causes me even more pain than I am already in but they can't do anything about it! On top of all of this I haven't been doing to well as it is. I have been losing weight again and spend most of my days in the bathroom! So I appologize if I haven't been at gatherings or if I haven't answered phone calls or returned them for that matter.
I don't mean to ramble on but I want everyone to be informed so that everyone doesn't feel like they have to pass on info when they get it. Thank you for letting me vent and I hope all is well with all of you!


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