Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 tips To Add Runway Fashion to your wardrobe!

What mom, wife, or for that fact doesn't want to have that runway look? I know I do but with a limited budget and a feeding tube my options aren't what I would want them to be. I have overcome these issues with these ten tips I have put together for you...

  1. One trendy piece- All a look truly needs to chic is one trendy piece! I am a frugal shopper so if I can find a shirt, skirt, or such on a clearance or sales rack it's a home run for me:) If you can find one great versatile piece you can turn any look it a runway look.
  2. Accessories- You can make any look great by adding the right accessories! You can find these almost anywhere and cheap. I get a lot of my accessories at yard sales, discount shops, and Amazon with the gift cards from Swagbucks so it's like they are free!
  3. Purses/Pocketbooks- You can make an entire look complete by having the right bag. Make sure it matches, and is not a pink purse when your outfit is red based. I love the versatile black bag but I do have a few that add color and flare to my duller outfits.
  4. Thrift Stores- You can almost always find something at thrift store to complete a great look. For example a scarf, hat, accessories, and/or articles of clothing. For those of you that won't shop in thrift stores because you don't want to wear something someone else has worn most of the time you can find new things that the person didn't like which maybe perfect for you so don't count them out until you look.
  5. Jeggings- They are awesome! For those of you living under a rock they are leggings that are designed to look like jeans! So for a look that is comfortable but still chic you need to own at least one pair. I love mine especially since it's hard for me to wear jeans these days.
  6. Shoes- You can turn an everyday out into a fashion trendy one with the perfect shoes. They don't have to be $800 dollar shoes but something that adds trend to your look. Like knee high boots they are always a classic.
  7. Manicure- Giving yourself a manicure to have your nails looking nice and neat is a great way to add budget friendly trend to your look.
  8. Pearls- They are a classic look and can be worn with almost anything in your closet.
  9. Layering- seems to be a great trend this fall and certainly can be done with anything you already own. Layer a camisole with a cardigan, a tank with a sweater shirt, or a baby tee with a scoop neck sweater.
  10. Your Closet- before you go shopping for all the latest trends look in your closet. I love adding flair to my old clothes to give them a fresh new look. You will be amazed at how much you save just by shopping in your own closet first!
I hope these tips help you add some runway fashion into your everyday style. I enjoyed writing this because I love fashion! Feel free if you have any of your own tips to add them in the comments below.

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