Thursday, November 4, 2010

A night out at PF Changs! Review

We don't go out often but we got to go out to dinner last Wednesday night! We went to PF Changs and JJ decided he was going to try out chopsticks :) Well I can't even describe it you just need to see for yourself!

The second video is him trying to eat his ice cream with the chopsticks too funny!

This was our first time at a PF Changs restaurant! I have to say it was an enjoyable meal. From the moment we walked in the hostess to the server they were all very courteous! The service was over all great! The server Leon was at our table within minutes taking our drink orders and then back with them promptly. We never had a lull where we had to wait for our server. The food was delicious! Now I am not a huge Chinese food eater so I felt like the first episode of "The Big C" where Laura Linney says "I am just having liquor and desserts!" because that is what I had :)
I had a CHANG'S MAI TAI Bacardi Light and Myers's Dark Rum with Orange Curacao and tropical juices and finished with THE GREAT WALL OF CHOCOLATE Six layers of rich chocolate cake frosted with semi-sweet chocolate chips served with raspberry sauce! And let me tell you even though I couldn't eat more than two bites because of my stomach it was one of the best chocolate cakes I've ever had at a restaurant!
The rest of the family had steamed shrimp dumplings, and SALT & PEPPER CALAMARI to start with and then GINGER CHICKEN WITH BROCCOLI and PEPPER STEAK. JJ had the KID'S SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN Kid's #1 favorite! Served wtih sweet and sour dipping sauce before having his ice cream with chopsticks! (see above)

My thoughts: I would definitely recommend PF Changs to anyone! The service was great, along with the atmosphere and food! What better than a restaurant that offers all three! We really enjoyed our experience!

I was not compensated for this review. This are my own honest opinions.


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