Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Crazy Thanksgiving Day!


Thanksgiving! It's that time of year again already but you know what I'm okay with it :) Every year the holidays are very hectic for us some may even say chaotic! I have had many houses to visit since I was younger so I am used to the mayhem but it took my husband quite a few years to get used to seeing 4 different households in one day! I swore that when I had my own family I would make everyone come to me, but as I got older I realized that wasn't going to happen. I could have just decided to say I wasn't making any of the trips after our son was born but it is a time to be thankful and I am very thankful for my family! So every year I have continued the tradition of visiting everyone else.


I come from a big family and so does my husband. My parents divorced when I was little so I have always had two sides to visit for the holidays and now with the in-laws thrown into the mix here is a little look into our crazy filled day...
We wake early so that we all can get showered and dressed for the day. I pack the bag for the day of driving, have to be prepared with a toddler while traveling! First it is off to my dad's side for lunch. Well that is the time of day we go but it is still a feast! This although still fun and crazy is probably the calmest part of the day because there are the least people at this house. My grandparents are still alive so my Grandma usually cooks which is fine with me because she makes her "Party potatoes" that I can't go without on any holiday! Besides  pumpkin pie they are my second favorite Thanksgiving food!
Next is off to my mother's side. We have a lot of cousins on this side so the house is always full of kids and football! All of the men and boys congragate in the living room watching football, the women in the kitchen gossiping and cooking, and my pop preparing the wines for dinner. The wines aren't the fanciest but they are ones we all expect at holidays. If I am lucky to have the extra time I get to enjoy a cigar with the men after dinner :) (Shh don't tell anyone).
Then off to my in-laws! Now let me give you a mental image of this one... Griswold is all I have to say :) I love my husband to death but every holiday I have some experience here that reminds me of the Griswold movies! Either something goes wrong with the food, someone gets in an argument, or something breaks!

So now that you have an idea of what we go through on our travels maybe now you can realize why I choose a long time ago not to have everyone come to me! I love all of them but to have them all in one place at one time would be like the Griswold's on crack :) That said I am thankful for every minute we get with all of them and wouldn't change any of it. It keeps life interesting!

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  1. help where do you post i am lost good luck

  2. You are in the right place :) Thank you!

  3. love the the station wagon...kinda reminds me of Lampoon's Vacation!
    karen ferguson

  4. Hey, great story, my brother and I had to contend with divorced parents, our boyfriend or girlfriend families, etc. I think one year we each had 4 Thanksgiving dinners!

  5. Great story! So happy you had a good day! I did too, hope you get a win with this story!

  6. Well if you are the Griswald family that everything goes wrong with I am that brother and sister in law that shows up unannounced. Well not really...but we always felt that way going to our Aunts and Uncles humongous home.

    Glad it was a good Thanksgiving overall and good luck in your contest.

  7. Great story, I hear ya on all the craziness during the holidays! Good luck on the contest!

  8. This is an awesome story....and you are hang in there even though you aren't feeling well you always put on a happy face and still participate, even if we are like the Griswolds'!!


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