Monday, November 8, 2010

Some early Black Friday Ads!!!

I am a huge fan of Black Friday I am usually one of the first ones out! I even went out in my wheelchair last year :) because I couldn't stand long enough for the crowded lines! So for those of you who are Black Friday shoppers here are some of the ads that have been leaked early!

A couple of the ads for Black Friday were released early. Here’s some previews from the bigger stores. (Please keep in mind they might take a little time to load.)
Macy’s: They open at 4 AM on Black Friday and 8 AM on Saturday. You can view their ads here.
Kohls: They open at 3 AM. You can view their ads here.
Sears: They open at 4 AM. You can view their ads here.
Walgreens: They open at 9 AM. You can view their ads here.


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