Monday, November 29, 2010

We survived our road trip with a 6 mth old =)

My favorite and most memorable road trip to date would have to be the trip to our annual vacation spot in Rock Hall, MD. It is only an hour and fourty-five minute drive but with a six month old it turned into an almost three hour ride!
We were obviously newer parents so we wanted to make sure we had everything and anything we could possibly need for him. I went and purchased every travel sized item they make for the diaper bag including disposable toliet seat covers. My husband the "expert packer" that he is made sure we had all of the bottles, food, drinks, snacks, full diaper bag, toys, and games up with us and the rest he fit neatly in the trunk. Now as many of you know traveling with a baby can come with all sorts of unexpected hiccups.
After a good nights rest, because we were one of the lucky ones and our son slept through the night as soon as three weeks! (*not bragging or anything) We were all fully rested had eaten our breakfast, went through our checklist to make sure we didn't forget anything, and loading ourselves in the car. We were on our way!
The trip started off very well! The baby was happy so were Mommy and Daddy. We played music to keep the baby distracted and when that was old news I pulled out his toys. We were about half way there when we decided to make a pit stop for bathroom breaks and to let the baby and daddy stretch.
There is a Super Walmart on the way so that is where we decided to stop. The baby was getting fussy and so I attributed it to a messy diaper. Mommy and baby made our way to the ladies room and Daddy stretched and got a snack in. I soon discovered that it wasn't the diaper that was making him fussy. I decided that since we were stopped we would feed him to see if that would stop his fussiness. Daddy feed him while I rearranged the back seat so that I had more to occupy him with for the rest of the ride.
We got back in the car afterwards expecting an easy ending to our trip but boy were we wrong! We found out the hard way that even though we had the air conditioning on in the car it wasn't enough to keep the baby from getting overheated. He ended up getting car sick! We had to pull over on the side of the road to clean both the baby and myself off. Now as I mentioned earlier we were over prepared so I cleaned us both off with wipes, placed the dirty clothes in a plastic bag, changed our clothes, cleaned the carseat and febreezed the car to get rid off the smell! After about a half an hour we were ready to get back on the road.
The rest of the trip was uneventful in terms of carsickness. Although I enjoyed the fact that we were on our way to a long weekend of rest and relaxation! The baby had a great time in the bay and pool. Daddy had a great time fishing and Mommy enjoyed working on her tan! So my tip to all traveling parents is you can never be overprepared for a trip especially with babies and toddlers! Make sure you have everything that could be needed because you never know what will happen while on the road!

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