Thursday, January 13, 2011

Costumes aren't just for Halloween!

I was so excited for the opportunity to write this review for's Halloween Costumes because I truly believe that costumes aren't just for Halloween! I love that my son enjoys using his imagination by dressing up as superheroes and pretending he is saving me from some evil bad guy! It really makes my heart swell not only to see him so happy but to know he is learning at the same time and he doesn't even know it.
I went on the site and looked for a costume that he didn't have yet which weren't many he only has IronMan from this Halloween and Spiderman from last but that is becoming too snug :) I loved that they had 100's to choose from not only for him but everyone in the family!
This is what I ended up choosing:
Child Ninja Turtle Raphael Muscle Costum
Ninja Turtle Raphael Muscle Costume

I received it almost immediately and couldn't wait more than five minutes of opening the box to show him! He was so excited he put it on right away and has had it on at least once a day since! So if you are in the market for your son as well or for that matter anyone in your family check out the boys costumes here.
Here is what JJ looked like in the costume!

I think he looks like the real Raphael Ninja Turtle!
We definitely will be ordering more from them in the future!


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