Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whirl-A-Style "The 30 Second Bun" Review

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Whirl-a-Style, Klicinz & Poppi Jewelry Products — are very exciting, fun new hair styling products that will quickly expand the possibilities for creative at-home hair designs and professional hairstylists. The strength of these hair design products lies in the tool itself. They are useful and easy devices that allow your hair to be safely pulled back in a twist or bun without the use of any hairpins or claw clips. They are made from a synthetic material which securely grips the hair without tangling it. Each Hair Styler device has a slit through the center of the product where the hair is pulled, then rolled and styled as desired.

Create hair styles as easy as Grab, Roll, Snap!
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My Thoughts:
I received the Whirl-A-Style for review and was very excited to get started! I haven't done anything with my hair in a while and I usually have it up in a ponytail. You all know what I mean you are running around the house after the family doing most of or all of the cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. So with all of that running none of us have the time to make our hair look spectacular everyday! Well now we can I absolutely loved this product and recommend that everyone of you reading this get one or two or more for yourself.
 I have to admitt that I was skeptical because although my hair is fine it is VERY thick! So most hair products like this don't work with my hair. Boy was I proven wrong and now have a great new tool that can be used for everyday looks or night out on the town looks! The best part is it really only takes 30 seconds to use which in our hectic lives that is something I put to the test. Here are the pictures of me putting this to the test!

I started by pulling my hair through the middle.

I pulled down the piece almost to the end of my hair and then rolled upward.

And Voila! A great looking bun although you can't tell because my photographer didn't place the camera right but it really looked great and it held ALL of my hair, looked great, and it was all done in under 30 seconds!

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*I was sent a product to review the above opinions are mine and weren't influenced in anyway. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. 


  1. Looks great! I love how easy it looks to have a nice up do! Great review.

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