Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dinner was saved thanks to Barber Foods! GIVEAWAY!

Who hasn’t experienced a last-minute dilemma at dinnertime? You know, those nights when you’ve got to make something out of nothing…in no time. Think ketchup slathered on top of tomatoes because that’s the only thing left in the house, true story! Perhaps that’s not you, but many families are stricken by last-minute dinner drama and are in serious need of a “Dinner, rescued.”

That’s why the kind folks at Barber Foods 
supplied us with their new Seasoned Selects Stuffed Chicken Breast entrées for our review and also were kind enough to offer the new selects and a $25 Gift Card for one lucky reader!

So picture it! It was a week night at 4pm and I had forgotten to take anything out for dinner!!! (I know you are all shaking your heads, knowing the feeling) In our house there are alot of people so it is always hard pleasing everyone but especially when there isn't a meal planned! I could have opted for the easier/unhealthier route and just ordered take-out but we actually had just done that a few days before. So there I was rumaging through the fridge and cabinets looking for something quick and easy to put together for NINE and then I remembered the Seasoned Selects Stuffed Chicken Breast entrees in the freezer! I was SAVED :) They are SO easy to make I placed them in the oven and then went to decide what to have with them. I decided to have vegetable rice which helped having something from almost every food group! Only fourty minutes later dinner was served!

One lucky reader will win a $25 Gift Card AND their own Seasoned Selects!
How to enter:


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