Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cascade Challenge Giveaway!

With new Cascade Complete – you won’t mind taking turns at the sink. And if the thought of dirty dishes in the sink has ever made you think twice about making a favorite meal, Cascade Complete is here to help. 

The excess scrubbing of cookware and dirty tableware is not only tiring, but time consuming. Allowing the remains of a delicious dinner to set in its baking dish could mean water logged fingers and hours in the kitchen. Put your pre-soaking days behind you, and lighten your load with Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPacs. They break down, dissolve, and rinse away tough food particles, leaving your hands free and your dishes sparkling. Sound too good to be true? We dare you to take the 24 Hour Challenge. Instructions:
  • Bake a Blueberry Cobbler.* Enjoy!
  • Set the empty baking dish out for 24 hours
  • Without rinsing, put it in the dishwasher with Cascade Complete
*Don’t have time to bake a cobbler? Try the 24 Hour Challenge with any dirty baking dish! 

I chose to make a peach cobbler since my family likes that more than blueberry cobbler. Needless to say it left a gooey mess in the glass dish so I left it out for 24 hours and then put the Cascade Action Pac to the test!  I was amazingly shocked at how well it did the job! No left on food, no water spots, and best of all no residue! 

Now for the best part thanks to the wonderful people of MyBlogSpark one reader gets the chance to win a $15 Walmart GC! To Enter fill out form below...

*Disclosure: P&G provided me with the Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPac Kit, 6 trial packs, information, and the $15 Walmart gift card to giveaway through MyBlogSpark.


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