Monday, November 7, 2011

Learn, Create, Share #LeapFrogParty

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to host a "Learn, Create, Share" LeapFrog Party. Let me start at the beginning, we received our party package about a week and a half before we hosted the party. The party kit was full of great products, and party tools. As soon as the package arrived my son as he always does had his head in the box to see what Mommy got.

I couldn't even get the LeapPad out before he saw he and wanted it OPEN right then and there! He was so excited to try it out it reminded me of Christmas morning the smile on his face! He didn't even give me a chance to show him how to work it :) As soon as the LeapPad was out of the box he turned it on and began playing, learning, and creating within seconds!

So now it was time for the PARTY! We had 11 kids and 8 adults all come to try out the products from LeapFrog. We were all excited to try the products adults and children alike. We setup different areas that way everyone got a chance to try everything. One area was setup with the LeapPad and included game cartridge. Another was setup with the LeapFrog Tag Reading Systems along with an Interactive World Map and Books some of which were included in the kit and others that we already had.

I choose to make it a Halloween theme so lil man and I made pumpkin and frog decorated cupcakes, mummy dogs, bat/cat/witch shaped sandwiches


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