Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Children's Claritin "Free to Play" 24 ways to enjoy Spring

Free to Play 24 Ways

 “Open Air” Activities
1. Take a nature hike along a shady trail.
2. Enjoy America’s favorite pastime- baseball! Take in
a game or play catch.
3. Hunt for carefully placed Easter eggs- the more
colorful, the better.
4. Break out the sidewalk chalk and create a driveway
5. Start a garden! From your favorite veggies to
beautiful blooms, what you grow can be enjoyed
year round.
6. Go on a bike ride as a family.
7. Pack a healthy lunch and enjoy a picnic in the
8. Search for local art festivals, craft fairs and block
9. Go on a Spring scavenger hunt around your neighborhood, recording the sights and sounds
10. Get rid of some pent-up energy with an oldfashioned game of Tag!
11. Who doesn’t love bubbles? You can even make your
own bubble mix and make a wand out of household
12. Go fly a kite!

Indoor Delights
1. Work on a challenging puzzle as a family.
2. Create wall art! Hang large sheet paper from the
wall to create a huge canvas and let the kids go
3. Decorate Easter eggs using food dye and stencils.
4. Design a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers using
any materials you can find, from construction
paper to felt.
5. Prepare healthy recipes using spring’s best
produce! Everyone loves a fruit salad.
6. Use old magazines to make collages. Get rid of
clutter and create at the same time!
7. Indoor picnics can be just as fun! Spread a
tablecloth on the floor and dine on finger foods.
8. Make a backyard bird feeder out of an old soda
bottle and watch your winged friends flock to get
their fill.
9. Since the sun is out, why not catch it? Make
glittering sun catchers using beads and string.
10. Play hide and go seek with a sweet twist by letting
the hiders leave a trail of candy corn behind them!
11. Plan your next vacation as a family. Get out the
globe and decide where you want to go.
12. Make spring cleaning a family affair by tackling
each child’s room together. Let the kids decide on
a charity to donate their gently used items to.

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