Thursday, April 19, 2012

Swagbucks is looking for the SWAG Mom

Some people are concerned that this is just a popularity contest, and while it’s true that the individual who gets the most votes is going to win, there are some things you can do to help your nomination get more attention and potentially more votes. If you haven't nominated anyone yet go here to submit your nomination.
1. Details, Details, Details
When you’re writing your description, take some time to make sure it’s thoughful and more than just a sentence or two. Really tell a story and remember that tying it into how your nominee is the ultimate SWAG Mom is important.
2. A picture is worth 1,000 words; 4 pictures could be worth 1,000s of votes
Make sure that your nomination has at least 4 pictures uploaded along with it. If you’re nominating someone else, you can upload those photos. If you’re nominated by someone else, you can upload your own pictures during those first 24 hours. Why is uploading pictures so important? Because ONLY nominations with at 4 or more uploaded photos can be “Featured” in the red area of the nominees page, and as the number of nominees grows, that area will be a great way to get views (and votes) for your nomination!
3. Bring a Friend!
Share your nomination page with friends who may not be on Swagbucks yet – you can refer them through the share link in the upper right hand corner, and those shares are referral enabled, so you can Facebook, Tweet or just grab the special referral link and send an email! As your new referrals earn, they’ll be racking up votes to spend on YOU!
Following these tips is a great way to get your nomination front and center in the Swag Nation. Good luck to all of our nominees! We wish you could all win that private jet to Las Vegas


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