Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where I’m From- a poem from Sam, age 13

Here is a great post from Germantown Avenue Parents

where i’m from- a poem from sam, age 13

Where I’m From
I am from town homes,
from busy streets and calm parks.
I am from streets filled with children,
(Whose laughter fills the air.)
I am from the blood of my ancestors,
who have led me here today,
as if for a reason.

I’m from cheesesteaks with “whiz” and onions,
from Geno’s and Pat’s
I’m from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
with a laugh and a lesson in there too.
I’m from brotherly love,
and sisterly grace.

I’m from Hip-Hop and Rap,
with a twist of soul,
just trying to be myself.
I’m from Cee Lo and Kanye
from f*** you and e.t.
From the sounds in my life,
to the ones in yours,
they will be great if you listen.

In the closet there was a box,
with old books and papers,
a page with no words,
a chapter without a name,
I am from those times and places
never to stay or go,
just a man in his thoughts,
wanting to go back.
This poem was created using a copy/change exercise from the original Where I’m From poem by George Ella Lyon.  April is National Poetry Poetry Month.  If your child has a poem, picture, or piece of writing to share, we’d love to publish it!
Disclosure: I did not write this post a fellow blogger wrote this. I enjoyed it so much I asked if I could share with all of my lovely readers!


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