Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Evenflo Bebek Collection- An Extension of You

The Evenflo® Bebek® Collection features a complete line of bottles, nipples and pacifiers that are all created to feel more like Mom, allowing parent and baby to enjoy the bonding time that feeding provides.  The superior, one-piece vented nipple rapidly vents air bubbles into the bottle and not baby’s tummy, resulting in less gas, fussiness and colic.  The soft, wide-base nipple also provides an easier latch for baby and for transition from breast to bottle. 
Bebek bottles are expertly designed for easy assembly and leak-free feeding.  The ergonomic shape makes the bottle comfortable to hold for both you and your baby.  The simple one-piece nipple with integrated vent means no extra parts to clean or lose.  Bebek bottles are all BPA-free and top rack dishwasher-safe.

Feed. Snuggle. Bond.
For over 90 years, Evenflo has nurtured babies' growth and development. We understand the importance of the connections developed between parent and baby during feeding time.
Designed to be a natural extension of you. Stress-free feeding means you relax and baby thrives.
Rapid venting releases air bubbles into bottle, not baby’s tummy, significantly reducing gas, colic
and fussiness.
  • More like mom with a wide-base nipple for easier latch and transition
  • Reduces colic by rapidly venting air bubbles into bottle, not baby's tummy
  • Expertly designed for easy assembly and leak-free feeding
  • Simple, integrated nipple and vent means no extra parts to clean or lose
  • Comfortable to hold for both you and baby
  • Made without BPA

Use & Care

  • Sterilize by boiling for 3 minutes prior to first use. Allow parts to thoroughly cool to room temperature before giving to baby. After each use, wash with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and store in a clean, dry place. For best results and to help avoid damage, clean only with Evenflo bottle brushes.
  • Top-rack, dishwasher-safe.

These are the products we were sent to review and we need to start off by saying that we don't usually buy into the whole this will help with gas, colic, etc. because the bottles usually don't live up to the hype. As you can tell we weren't expecting much from the new collection of Evenflo either but was still open minded enough that we wouldn't count them out until we put them to the test...Now most mother's/parents can relate to the all-nighters with a fussy baby who just doesn't seem to want to let anyone sleep if they aren't. Well that's the stage we were in when Evenflo Bebek's came to the rescue like a night in shining armor! 

For a few days the baby was not his happy little self anymore and wasn't sleeping through like we were used to. So we ran through a list of causes/ideas as to why this was happening and came up empty handed. He wasn't sick, not cutting teeth, he didn't have diaper rash, so WHY?!? was he so fussy and not wanting to sleep was our question as we tried everything we could think of to help him become comfortable. That's when we remembered the Evenflo Bebek bottles that had arrived on our doorstep a few days prior! Now we won't sit here and tell you how in one try he was back to himself because he wasn't it took a day or so but after switching to these AWESOME bottles he was back to normal. 

So we can finally say with certainty that there is a bottle out there that helps with gas and colic!!!!!!!!!! Wish these were around sooner! We have since purchased them as shower gifts and bragged about how great they were. 

Where to find:
You can find this collection online at Bed Bath & Beyond and BuyBuyBaby or in-store at BuyBuyBaby locations.

Diclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 


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