Sunday, May 20, 2012 The New Way To Order Delivery/Takeout

Foodler is a website for ordering delivery and takeout from restaurants around you. Their fast-growing network of online restaurants in AtlantaBaltimoreBostonChicagoDallasDenverMiamiNew YorkOrlandoPhiladelphia, Providence, San Francisco, and Washington offers a wide selection of menus and cuisines. From popular Chinese, Italian, American, and Mexican menus to exotic Thai, Spanish, and Brazilian - it can all be found on Foodler. Of course, we also have a large selection of everyone's favorite sub and pizza restaurants. 

  • Foodler is more reliable than using a phone, since all orders are transmitted and confirmed electronically. 
  • Foodler is faster than using a phone, since we remember your address and payment preferences. 
  • Foodler tells you what's popular and what's highly-rated so that you can find the best food near you. 
  • Foodler has negotiated exclusive discounts with our partner restaurants, and passes the savings on to you.
  • There are never any additional charges for the use of our services. In fact, Foodler saves you money
  • You'll also earn FrequentFoodler Points with every order, redeemable for free food and other merchandise.
We had the opportunity to give Foodler a try and unlike other restaurants that offer online ordering I loved how quick and easy it was to order. When we ordered there were quite a few of us sitting in the Labor & Delivery waiting room to see my niece after she was born. As most people know having a baby doesn't take 5 seconds and so we were there most of the afternoon and one y one started stating how hungry we were getting. At this point we all decided that ordering a few pizza pies would be great to hold us over until we left.

Here is the 2 minute recap of the process. I say 2 minutes because that is literally how long it took me to place the order. I went online to and typed in the zip code of the hospital. I then found a pizza place from which to order. Selected 4 pizzas, add them to my shopping cart, and then headed to check out.

Even checking out was fast and painless! While at the checkout screen I input the address of the hospital, and in the notes section let the delivery driver know where we were, and then choose my method of payment and that's it I was done and our food was on its way. The driver showed up about 20 minutes later with 4 pizzas we paid him and he was on his way. 

I can't wait to use this service again especially since there are so many great restaurants to chose from. You can't beat it and the best part is you don't even need to be at home to use the service!

Disclosure: I was provided points to use this service. All opinions are my own.


  1. This is so awesome that they delivered to the hospital. So glad you liked it.


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