Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning #MyBlogSpark

Dirt is just like tooth decay - it never quits! Despite your best intentions for cleaning this spring, you should not have to do it alone. Cleaning more than 200 tons of dirt last year, Stanley Steemer knows dirt! Call the experts at Stanley Steemer and let them help you achieve that deeper level of clean in your home this season. 

Despite their good intentions and best efforts, Americans doing their spring cleaning might make the home look or smell better on the surface, but vacuuming and cleaning machines only remove some of the dirt, dust and particulates that cause allergic reactions. In a recent national poll commissioned by Stanley Steemer, the nation’s largest deep cleaning service, nearly half of respondents predicted spending less than four hours total on this year’s spring cleaning. But only 19 percent reported having ever used a professional for cleaning.

To combat this difficult allergy season this spring plus truly make your homes clean, consumers should consider a deeper cleaning twice a year by the professionals at Stanley Steemer.

  • Not just for carpet cleaning, Stanley Steemer’s expertise extends to hardwood, tile, air ducts, water damage restoration, and more!
  • Stanley Steemer’s proprietary equipment and cleaning processes remove more than 98% of dry soil from floors
  • With over 70 branches and 220 franchise locations in 48 states, Stanley Steemer services 95% of the country
Want to see Stanley Steemer in action? Check out the Stanley Steemer van and crew as they visited fellow blogger Corine Ingrassia’s home of Complicated Mama:

We had the opportunity to give Stanley Steemer a try ourselves. Living with a five year old boy and a dog not only wears a carpet but there are also those stains that just won't come up with spot cleaning. This is what the carpet looked like before they came...

And this is what the carpet looked like after they left. Which was only a total of about 20 minutes! Got love service that is fast and efficient!

I love that I don't have that huge stain in the middle of the living room floor anymore. But I am also not insane and know that this will only be stain free for a few weeks before someone spills something or tracks something in and ruins these nice clean carpets. I now know who I will be calling about every six months. Stanley Steemer of course! 

I have already decided that I will be calling them in to do the tile cleaning next. You can find Stanley Steemer on Facebook and Twitter

Disclosure:  The gift certificate and information have been provided by Stanley Steemer through MyBlogSpark.


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