Sunday, May 26, 2013

#Spon BBQ & Bluegrass Festival at Tuckerton Seaport in NJ

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We had the pleasure of visiting Tuckerton Seaport & Bayman's Museum last weekend and let me tell you what a gem it is. Wish we had visited long before now. Located in Tuckerton New Jersey, the seaport is a great destination for family fun with a gift shop, annual events, and festivals. They are open daily rain or shine from 10am-5pm all year long and very inexpensive... Adults $8, Seniors $6, Ages 5-12 $5, under 5 and Seaport members are FREE.

The Seaport has a festival for everyone. We attended their Bluegrass & Barbeque Fest which was a great way to kick off the summer! The weather wasn't the best but we still made the best of it. There was so much to do and see. Outside there was a tent where the band played bluegrass, BBQ & beer stands, and animals. Inside was crafters, vendors, and Todd's Musical Petting Zoo!

The petting zoo was very impressive! I believe the adults had as much fun as the kids.  I couldn't believe the variety of instruments available from banjos to harps. Here is JJ playing at the percussion table and having a great time.

Also inside there were different tables. The first table we visited was the Camden Aquarium. They had terrapins, a horseshoe crab, and a starfish. There was also a table of insects from the river water. The woman at the table was finding and showing us the different bugs from the water. While JJ did a craft I went and watched three women weave baskets by hand.

After visiting the zoo we headed outside to see the quails, goats and chickens. It was so much fun outside with the smell of the barbecue and the sound of bluegrass music. There are many other festivals coming up if you would like to visit Tuckerton Seaport...
June 8thPrivateers & Pirates: Pirate history, authentic and make believe. Scavenger hunt, games, crafts, costume contest, crafters, vendors, and boat rides.
June 22nd & 23rdBayman's Seafood & Music Festival: Enjoy delicious local seafood. Crafters, vendors, music, food, Tuckahoe Brewing Co., family activities, demonstrations, boat rides, boat builders and decoy carvers.
June 29thRed Wine & Blues: Uncork some fun and enjoy a perfect evening of wine tasting with NJ's finest wineries, live blues bands and a complimentary wine glass. Bring your beach chairs, sit back, sip and have fun!


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